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26 Jan


I haven’t blogged in ages. I know it’s been a few months but, do people still say blog? Here’s what’s happening in my life if you are interested. My band project In The Pocket are headlining a show in New Hope Pa this Friday Jan27th. Joining me is TJ TIndall, Rob Hyman, Greg Davis, Bill WIttman,Cliff Hillis, Jay Davidson,Charlie Ingui and Richie, John Lloyd Lilley,Richard Bush and last but certainly not least is Tom Conwell. It’s a hell of a band. I hear the week of Winterfest is always a great event. I’m finishing up mixing our new song for In The Pocket. It’s Change Reaction by Robert Hazard one of the more brilliant song writers and performers to come out of Philly. Robert was a big as they get in the early 80′s and sought after by many record companies, only to sign a deal with RCA and make a record that I thought was total crap, it happens. The best stuff he did was the music he recorded with The Heroes. I also like what he was doing in the years before he passed away. Robert wrote the hit song Girls Just Want To Have Fun. We release CR in the next few weeks.
I have recorded a few other project of late. Cut a track for the new Dar Williams record. One of favorite drummers Charlie Drayton is on most of the tracks cut until I got on board, I love his playing, he’s a beast. Just finished cutting the drums for Clayton West record. The songs were great man. Did a Hooters song for a film. It was The Hooters, good. I’m teaching some. One of my favorite things to do.
Catch you later. I’m headed to a meeting, Dave

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29 Sep

In The Pocket at the World Cafe Live

We cut a new song for my singles project In The Pocket : essential songs of Philadelphia. If you are wondering what I’ve been working on in my not too much spare time, this is it. The song is called “Soon You’ll Be Gone.” Okay, not a song that was originally done in Philly but, my friends, John Kuzma and Bob Woods owned this song.
We played it with The Hooters from 1980 to 82. Some would say the best Hooters. It was a special time in my life playing with those guys. I hope you like it. I appreciate the support. Trust me we can use it.
You can view all out videos for each song here and by clicking the “Choose a Track” tab.


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24 Jul

XpoNential Festival B4 the show.

Rehearsal in our trailer backstage before our set last night was priceless. Working out “You Can’t Sit Down” with Tommy Conwell and Soul Survivors and then Richard Bush and Souls doing “Womans Got The Power” AH, I wish I recorded that! Playing “Work Out” with Tommy, Cliff and Rob through the tiny speaks was awesome. All of it felt so right.

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04 Jul

One of many great memories of John Kuzma from 1981

We made a valiant attempt to get the major labels interested in us by playing in New York City but they were all taking a pass. One of those gigs we played was at the infamous Bottom Line on 4th St. on the lower east side. The Bottom Line was a big time gig for The Hooters. We weren’t indie enough or punk enough for CBGB’s so The Bottom Line was one of our gigs to make some sort of buzz in NYC. Bruce Springsteen played there early in his career, and that was good enough for us.

At that time bands from Philly had to go showcase for labels in NYC. Label A&R people rarely if ever came to Philly. It wasn’t cool to come to Philly. Getting some kind of press in NY was crucial. I say it like it was life or death but that’s what it was to a band like ours.

There was an unspoken business element to our existence that was, if we didn’t make something happen we wouldn’t be doing this very long. I for one loved the band and felt the urgency.

The gig at The Bottom Line was memorable for one reason only, John Kuzma. He left me with a memory that will be with me til’ the day I die. I want you to know one thing about Kuzma. He is one cool cat. He smoked his cigarette between his ring finger and pinky, made it look like an art. He could be a real gentle guy and a real bad-ass.

The Bottom Line wasn’t a big place. It looked to me like it held maybe 300 people at best. It was a rectangular shaped club with a stage that stood about 4 feet high. Tables were butted up against the stage. So, when you bought a seat you were right up close and personal.

It wasn’t a full house but there were people seating in the seats at the front of the stage. John had this statuesque way about moving on stage. That night, he decided he’d walk out on to the tables while playing his guitar solo, it was a bad move. He was doing a real rock star routine, the right arm up in the air like Pete Townshend, while playing with his left hand on the neck of the guitar, simultaneously taking puffs of his smoke with his right.

So John walks out on the table cool as can be and WAMMO. The table flips from underneath him. He went flying. All I saw from my vantage point were feet. I could see his head stock of his guitar. It was one of those smash BAM BOOM moments but we never stopped playing. I kid you not. John gets up slowing as if he meant to do it. Cool as John can be. His cigarette in his hand as if it never left and it may not have. Not a lick of embarrassment just vintage Kuzma. As if he was saying, “yea I meant to do that” It was one the funniest things I ever saw happen on stage and he made it look cool. That was John Kuzma.

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03 Jul

John Kuzma

It’s with deep sadness that I have to share the news of the passing of one of my oldest friends, John Kuzma. The loss is overwhelming for not only me. But, for all of the people that knew and loved him. He was like a brother and I will miss him terribly. My heart goes out to his son, Evan and his family. He was one of a kind.

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20 Jun

Main Line Today Magazine please visit Songs In The Pocket

The Web address in the Best Of Mainline Today Magazine is incorrectly . Here’s is the correct web address. In The Pocket.

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19 Apr

Great week of playing music

Thank you very much for your support of In The Pocket. Tuesday nights show at the World Cafe Live surpassed my expectations. Tommy Conwell, Jeffrey Gaines, Richard Bush, Graham Alexander, Rob Hyman, Eric Bazilian, Cliff Hillis, Greg Davis, Jay Davidson and The Geator Jerry Blavat rocked it. and special thanks to my good friend Pierre Robert for hosting the entire night. We’ve received donations supporting Settlement Music School and In The Pocket project directly. When I started In The Pocket I really wanted to make it work and we are doing it with a lot effort and contributions from some great friends. The Pocket will be headlining the Marina Stage at the WXPN Festival on July 23rd. It’s the second stage there and its’ a cool slot for us. I’m working on essembling my line up for this version of In The Pocket. It will be cool. Check out the new video of You Can’t Sit Down.

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10 Apr

World Cafe Live_In The Pocket: essential songs of Philadelphia

This Tuesday night some of friends and I will be playing songs from my project In The Pocket:essential songs of Philadelphia. If you are in Philly come out. Tommy Conwell, Greg Davis, Jeffrey Gaines, Richard Bush, Eric Bazilian, Rob Hyman, Jay Davidson. Graham Alexander, Cliff Hillis will all be there. We’ll play some songs and hang with all our friends. Some of my more famous road crew personalities will be in the house too.

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18 Feb

Life By Keith Richards

A friend of mine loaned my her copy of Life, Keith Richards book about what else, his life. I’ve always been a fan of Keith’s but, I like him even more now that I’ve read the book. You get a lot of insight in to the making of Rolling Stones records. His relationship with Mick and stories about the band. His love for Charlie is all over it. How it all got started. It’s a fascinating read.
He is a pirate.

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02 Feb

Friday Morning Quarterback

This was in today’s Friday Morning Quarterback.

Friday Morning Quarterback (FMQB): The Hooters’ David Uosikkinen is continuing his web-based singles project, dubbed In The Pocket: Essential Songs of Philadelphia, with the second song, “Open My Eyes.” Originally recorded by Todd Rundgren and Nazz, the digital single is now available for 99 cents at, along with a video documentary of the making of the song. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Philadelphia’s Settlement Music School. “I really wanted to record ‘Open My Eyes,’ but didn’t think it was possible to do justice to the Rundgren/Nazz version,” explains Uosikkinen. “Jeffrey Gaines sings the song with such heart and soul and the band rocked so hard. They brought it to a new level. I’m really excited about this one!”

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