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26 Jan


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I haven’t blogged in ages. I know it’s been a few months but, do people still say blog? Here’s what’s happening in my life if you are interested. My band project In The Pocket are headlining a show in New Hope Pa this Friday Jan27th. Joining me is TJ TIndall, Rob Hyman, Greg Davis, Bill WIttman,Cliff Hillis, Jay Davidson,Charlie Ingui and Richie, John Lloyd Lilley,Richard Bush and last but certainly not least is Tom Conwell. It’s a hell of a band. I hear the week of Winterfest is always a great event. I’m finishing up mixing our new song for In The Pocket. It’s Change Reaction by Robert Hazard one of the more brilliant song writers and performers to come out of Philly. Robert was a big as they get in the early 80′s and sought after by many record companies, only to sign a deal with RCA and make a record that I thought was total crap, it happens. The best stuff he did was the music he recorded with The Heroes. I also like what he was doing in the years before he passed away. Robert wrote the hit song Girls Just Want To Have Fun. We release CR in the next few weeks.
I have recorded a few other project of late. Cut a track for the new Dar Williams record. One of favorite drummers Charlie Drayton is on most of the tracks cut until I got on board, I love his playing, he’s a beast. Just finished cutting the drums for Clayton West record. The songs were great man. Did a Hooters song for a film. It was The Hooters, good. I’m teaching some. One of my favorite things to do.
Catch you later. I’m headed to a meeting, Dave

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